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Have a seat, take a load off, and discover a
little bit about the old soul behind the
Old Soul Creatives brand.​ 

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Hi! I'm Natalie - the founder of Old Soul Creatives.

I’m a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Creator of many things. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Graphic Design in 2017 and shortly afterwards, I completely fell in love with photography.

2304 Alexandria Pike, Southgate, KY 41071

Open Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm


I spent my first few years after earning my Bachelor's Degree creating collaboratively on Graphic Design teams for brands such as The Gorilla Glue Company, O'Keefe's, Sapadilla, and VSWC Architects. Although I loved the work and the experiences, I felt like my creative abilities were meant for so much more... Like I was meant to reach people on deeper, more personal levels through
my creativity

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Having always been an eccentric, young "old soul",
often creatively dancing to the beat of my own drum, I 
decided to start solemnly freelancing my graphic design and photography skills and really bring that energy into my work. Since making this decision, I've built a distinguished reputation over the last five years in producing original and diverse work for my clients. I'm 
currently based in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, however, I offer my creative services no matter where you’re at in the world.

In 2020,  I began focusing on the art of craftsmanship and really working work my hands. I discovered a newfound passion for building and carpentry and I started making custom cornhole board sets as a fun way to implement this new skillset. I soon branched out into working with
copper piping, soldering, and much more

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Being the young "old soul" that I am, I discovered a love for repurposing old, vintage finds (such as vinyl records & instruments) into artsy, modern-day decor & home goods. I started selling my retro creations at art events and craft fairs, and my brand officially became
Old Soul Creatives