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Old Soul Creatives is a one-woman creative enterprise that provides professional graphic design and photography services while passionately repurposing vinyl records into unique, eco-friendly products that allow clients to express their distinctive souls.

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2304 Alexandria Pike, Southgate, KY 41071

Open Tuesday 1-6pm, Wednesday - Saturday 12pm-5pm 
Closed Sunday/Monday


Hi! I'm Natalie - the founder of Old Soul Creatives.

I’m a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Creator of many things. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Graphic Design in 2017 and shortly afterwards, I completely fell in love with photography.

I spent my first few years after earning my Bachelor's Degree creating collaboratively on Graphic Design teams for brands such as The Gorilla Glue Company, O'Keefe's, Sapadilla, and VSWC Architects. Although I loved the work and the experiences, I felt like my creative abilities were meant for so much more... I longed to help clients on a much more personalized level so I began freelancing my graphic design and photography services. I started building my own brand as a small, passionate, and professional creative agency.

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Since making this decision, I've built a distinguished reputation over the last five years in producing original and diverse work for my clients. I'm currently based in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, however, I offer my creative services no matter where you’re at in the world.

While still managing my graphic design & photography clients, I discovered a new passion about two years ago that has completely transformed Old Soul Creatives into the unique, creative enterprise that it is today

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Having always been an "old soul" myself (loving vinyl records and music like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, The Doors, and so much more), I became painfully aware of just how many old, damaged vinyl records are out there NOT being played anymore... I quickly developed a love for repurposing these old, less-playable vinyl records and I started transforming them into funky, functional art pieces to display around the home

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My most popular products are currently "vinyl record stands", which I custom-craft with soldered copper piping and black iron steel. These one-of-a-kind, functional pieces of groovy art are decorative stands that are often used as plant stands for smaller plants or as decorative side tables. Regardless of how each base is crafted, all stands have vinyl records as tops. The vinyl records are permanently sealed down to wooden bases on the stand for stability, and are also lightly wax-coated for protection on the vinyl record. 

Other popular products I create are wine bottle holders & wall hangings crafted with melted records, coat & key hangers using vinyl records, and even products that incorporate old instrumentsI also accept custom orders for Old Soul Creatives' products - wherein I transform clients' vinyl records into whatever product they'd like me to create. Click here to learn more about custom orders or visit the "custom orders" page.

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My "reimagined" musical products started off as a creative outlet for releasing the nostalgia I feel for such amazing, musical memories and artists that I've never even really experienced... but along the way, they have become popular enough to be a trademark of Old Soul Creatives and have helped transform the brand into what it has always been meant to be.


Old Soul Creatives is a small, authentic creative agency that delivers the experience & wisdom of an old soul, yet the youth & ingenuity of modern design to help you display your unique soul into this wild, wild world.

Sending a big THANK YOU to all of my clients, supporters, customers, and of course, all other old souls out there who enjoy my work. I get by with a little help from my friends!


Thank you for supporting my passion! 


Stay creative!

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OPEN Tuesday 12-6pm, Wednesday - Saturday 12pm - 5pm

2304 Alexandria Pike, Southgate, KY 41071



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