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Welcome to my vinyl collection, old souls!

ALL vinyl records listed in each of the collections below are available for your next custom Old Soul Creatives piece. Click on a collection to filter through artists & albums currently in stock. If you don't see what you're looking for, please note the desired artists/albums on the order form for your next custom piece and Natalie will search for you, giving a price quote before production is started. 

warped bottle holder-icon.png

If you are interested in records for a warped bottle holder, please make sure to select records on the lists that are deemed thick enough to withstand the weight of wine & liquor bottles.

to review details on the custom order process and submit your order. Or click on an icon to directly access the order form for your new piece. 

record stand-icon.png
warped bottle holder-icon.png
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for an Old Soul product that's unique to you. Featuring repurposed vinyl record stands, handcrafted with copper piping by Natalie.

When placing a custom order, you can:

• Use your own vinyl records
• Choose from Old Soul Creatives'                        vinyl record inventory
• Request specific albums & artists on vinyl        for your next piece

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