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Hosted by artist, S.E. Cobble, and Old Soul Creatives,
this monthly art group is completely free to attend, and its
purpose is to simply bring artists and those who want to
create TOGETHER.

• At each monthly meetup, we ALL receive the same
artistic prompt - which is ultimately chosen based on the
group’s desires.

• Once receiving the prompt, the group parts ways for one
month and uses this time to create our OWN art pieces
(in whatever mediums we want to use) based on the
given prompt.

• We then come back together at each monthly meetup to review everyone’s art and have fun discussions about it! And of course, choose our NEXT prompt for the
following meeting!

• If you haven't attended any of our recent meetings or you are just learning of the group, no worries! We will be posting the current prompt to the NKY Community Art Group Instagram account, as well as this page of the Old Soul website. So even if you miss a meeting, you can always create something for the next one


Thank you to everyone has attended! It means so much that people in the community are interested in participating in a group like this. We can't wait to see you at our next Community Art Night on October 29th at 6pm at Old Soul Creatives' shop & studio.

Send a message below with any questions. 

Join us for our next meeting on
Sunday, October 29th

Comm Art Mockup-for site.png

Old Soul Creatives shop & studio
2304 Alexandria Pike, Southgate, KY 41071

Starts at 6:00pm

on Instagram

for the most current information on group updates, upcoming meetings,
& prompts


This month's prompt:

With Halloween, October is a

time that even adults find time to “play” dress up and be whatever they want for a night. There is an idea that art must have a meaning or be significant but art can be for play, too.


Create a piece that is just for play and enjoyment. Make the thing that you’ve been thinking about for ages. Make the seasonal or Halloween-specific piece even if it’s “tacky” or “basic”. Do something that is just for fun and makes you happy to do it.


Thanks for submitting!

If you don't see a message from Old Soul Creatives, please check your spam folder. 


2304 Alexandria Pike,
Alexandria, KY 41071

Tuesday - Saturday


to be viewed on 10/29

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