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Rustic charm meets modern sophistication with this sustainably-made, copper vinyl record stand featuring a double album from the iconic movie soundtrack "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back". This is more than just a decorative stand; it’s a statement piece for the modern music enthusiast! Display drinks, plants, & more on this functional piece of art while also reflecting your commitment to sustainability and passion for music.

STAR WARS - 2 tier record stand

  • • crafted with "Star Wars" The Empire Strikes Back" movie soundtrack vinyl records 
    • records are sealed to 15/32" wooden bases for support
    • custom cut copper piping & copper pop rivets
    • stands about 22" tall
    • vinyl records are wax-coated to ensure more thorough protection
    • not recommended for inclement weather conditions (use in shaded areas only)

  • No rufunds or returns unless product is damaged. 

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